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What Is Assisted Living For Seniors

Good Samaritan Retirement Lodge offers a comprehensive service package. Our home has a long-standing reputation with experienced staff. We provide “All in One Pricing” which includes both accommodation and care services so there are no surprises, so you can just relax and know you are taken care of. Good Samaritan also offers short stay Respite Care.

Retirement Lodge Services

  • 3 meals per day in dining room (two choices at each meal)
  • 3 snacks a day
  • 24 hour dedicated Registered Practical Nurse
  • Recreation program
  • Housekeeping – daily bed making, bathroom tidy and garbage removal with thorough cleaning once per week.
  • Laundry - available laundry machines with assistance from staff - or, if necessary, done by staff
  • Health care included with basic package:
    • Medication administration (unless the resident chooses to self-medicate and is capable of self-administration)
    • Pharmacist consultant services are available
    • Bathing - every person can have assistance if necessary or desired. While bathing is normally done in the resident's suite a shower room is also available.
    • Emergency Response
    • Ted stockings
    • Treatments – eye drops, topical creams
    • After surgery care
    • Wound Care
    • Assistance oxygen management; help fill portable tanks
    • Escorting to/from dining
    • Toileting
    • Incontinence management
    • Foley catheters

Outside Health Services

  • CCAC services are sometimes provided to residents of the retirement lodge in the following circumstances:
  • If a resident moves in who is already receiving CCAC service in the community, he/she continues to receive it
  • If a resident has a long term care application in and is on the waiting list, the CCAC will sometimes determine that they will receive .5 hour AM (morning) and HS (evening) care
  • If someone moves in who is not currently receiving CCAC assistance in his/her own home but does require it, the site will request it and it may be approved
  • Visiting MD
  • Visiting Physiotherapy*
  • Visiting Dental – cleaning and screening once per year*
  • Visiting Audiologist*, Foot Care*, Lab Services*, Optometrist*, Speech Therapy*

* Fee for service


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